made in Germanium - 100% organic
Boost Drive Crunch Lead Fuzz
Musical Tonegenerators

information rich - information poor - sound can hurt and sound can cure

loving this unit! so much range and timbral potential.
it`s a true musical instrument ."
matte henderson

who the flux ? Gugu Flux

why 37 + Fluxmachines ?
Distortion Gesamtkunstwerk ! i
know ;
it IS a little bit confusing and unusual and too
much informationon on first sight ! - forgive me -
i think artistic , ha ha . i love conceptual art as much as
improvising with happy incidents . i do everything myself
here : from circuits to boxes, drawings to website, from
testing to shipping; because this IS my baby and i enjoy
every single step of the process. you might have to
wait some time for your machine, because i
dont want to grow bigger and become
what i am not : - small industry -
and at the end of the day
spend less of the day
with what i love :
creating and selling my art person to person.
you may not choose to spend a lot of money on one thing.
you may prefer to buy three things instead and sell them
again and i understand because i ve been like you. my
prices are not low because true handmade one-ofs
take much more time than printed computer
designs. they sound and feel different.
I m building them on purpose
the very old old-school way
entirely hand-wired
point to point
one by

the electric soul

is all through pure analog
discrete transistor classA design ;
point to point free-handwired (no pcb) ,
wired 3D - similar to an old Tubeamp , true
mechanical bypass , high quality, unavailable or
ultra rare Germanium (Ge32) NOS Transistors , nos
( Si14) Trannies and Germanium point-contact
Diodes from the last century and my private treasury ;
which took many years of research , purchase , comparison ,
learning , listening and collecting excellent and extraordinary
sounding components that help define these organic sounds .
all circuits are protected against Dc peaks and false polarity .

fluxmachines are hand made with time for detail.

with box-mounted potentiometers , switches and jacks .
hand - painted , laquered , drilled , sanded , carved
stamped , polished , tested , played , calibrated .
- made for the pedalboard - NO Batteries -
9V Dc center ground . use stabilized ,
toroidal power supplies for
best performance .

how can it sound natural, if it isnt done naturally ?

handwired point to point - fluxed-up circuits


Wonder Ground ( OSC )

" i've been onboard w/ torn for most
of his 2+year fuzz bender. this one takes the cake.
so satisfying to play. *enormous* notes & fast attack."

matte henderson


exploring is joy

V I D E O S and webpages
for all 37 + Fluxmachines via

old school head-frame menu !

please use your bigger screen mac, pc,
laptop or tablet with a usual browser supporting
frame-based websites. use good hi-fi or headphones.
explore the fluxgalaxy with some time and playfull
and you will find your fluxed-up tool and toy.


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from the guitar universe


killing! Oscillum Torn Deluxe.
Oscillum is much more than it seems!
beyond wacky: quite gorgeous! most
satisfying amp-driver, even in its most
simple status!
david torn ,

i wanna buy everything he builds.
gary miller (Doctor Know)


your pedals make me happy!

Jake Cloudchair introduced Oscilla7 as his
fav guitar pedal to the japanese guitar magazine :
the EFFECTOR (2017)

your pedals are great and you deserve all the
accolades you can get . things like the BirdBox
( oscillation fuzz ) will be polarizing but i guess
all art is , right?
( B&C , Lead , Osc )

. ..

artboxes of sound from the inimitable Gugu Flux!
some of the most unique stompboxes i know of.
( Sfx & Osc Fuzz ) -

So freaking awesome!! U r the artist with pedals !!!
Can´t pick up my fav pedals , they are all so good ,
I can find Eric Johnson tonez to fuzz mayhem :)
( B&C , Lead , Ltd. ) -


It really is wonderful! a beautiful tone and fan-
tastically calibrated and well thought out options.

elliot simpson

u r a g#d among men.
matte henderson


building time / ready in : aprox. 6-8 weeks



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