Guide to the Fluxgalaxy


how do i find the right one for me ?

if u r searching for truly organic boost & crunch
look in the B&C department via head-menu .
Si14 and/or Ge32 - 2 selected NOS Transistors

if u ve been longtime looking for a really tight,
organic germanium distortion/fuzz for cutting
solos and tube-amplike clipping go to :
Si14/Ge32 hybrids - 3 selected NOS Transistors

if U like unique clipping fuzz , like breathy brass
check the SFX - Special Fuzz Effects department
( most of them can do wacky and amplike also ! )
Si14/Ge32 hybrids - 3 selected NOS Transistors

if U are loving tight, amplike, full range and super
versatile Oscillation Fuzz / Distortion , go to
Si14/Ge32 hybrids - 3 selected NOS Transistors

if U appreciate tight, fullrange, extraordinary
round sounding and super versatile crunch/fuzz
go for Softpower, Pure Bliss, Lark Tongue (LTD)
(3 matched NOS Germanium transistors)

2102 and all Softcillation Machines ( CUST )
Dada Drive, Moving Magnet, Bbow, Oscillum)

(3 matched NOS Germanium transistors)

can i customize and combine ?

want any combination of fluxmachines
in one box ? see CUST to see what is possible.

if you think about a certain painting or finish
on your machine ; send me a picture and
I will hand-paint it with oil-colour
and seal it with clear laquer.

how long do i have to wait ?

building time depends on particular machine and my
activities. send a mail to : iwantsome@fluxmachines.com
and place your order , then pay half upront via paypal.
i will start your machine asap and keep you updated
on the build process with pictures of your machine.

it looks like a piece of art inside.

will it survive touring w/me ?

sure !! 3D-handwired as the good old tubeamps
which are still running and sounding fantastic after
50+ years. fat point to point silver solder connections
thick and stiff solid core wiring, rubber fixed elastics,
vibro-proof-taped circuit-board, service-friendly box-
mounted jacks, pots and switches. it is ultra solid !!

why is it sounding so good ?

the point to point handwiring , thick solid core wire
and more space between electric fields; it all leads to
low electric capacities between parts + bold signal flow.

the very amplike dist./clipp. behaviors originate from
purified classA circuits w/ sonically matching!
NOS germanium transistors and germanium diodes.

not all
NOS Germanium transistors and diodes are sounding
good or even excellent just because they are new old stock or
Germanium ! of the same production line/year or of the same
specifications !! they all sound and react drastically or subtly
different and there have been thousands of types and shapes
all over the world. Germanium is an unpredictable element
- therefore unsuitable for effect pedal mass production but
it IS sounding more natural than anything else. takes much
more time handling NOS Germanium transistors
and they have become unobtainable and very expensive.

what kind of power does it take ?

9 V Dc - center ground / 100mA+ /industry standard
( boss™, ibanez™, ehx™, voodoolab™, cioks™ etc.)
stabilized , analog turoidal core (heavy) recommended
before digital switching powersupplies ( light weight ).
some fluxmachines run on 9/12/18 VDc !! (NOT Ac !!).
use one or two isolated outputs from your turoidal core
multipowersupply . fluxmachines dont use batteries be-
cause of missing space in the smaller boxes and many
power sucking leds in the bigger boxes . if you need
batteries for some travelling reasons , talk to me .
all circuits are protected against Dc peaks
and mismatched polarity .

are they all custom ?

Fluxmachine is a handmade unicum
and there wont be exactly the same twice !

i am making my living for a long time
now as an artist and i offer these sonic
enteties as one-of pieces of my Flux art.
it is custom made for you , no exchange
or giving it back. there is nothing "in stock".

are only made on custom order.


where can i get one ?
only right here - person to person