V I T A M I N C Mk1,5
midgain Si14 overdrive / fuzz / trebleboost

switch turns VC into an uppermids/treblebooster

controls : mid/treble control tone pot , volume ,
trebleboost / normal switch

video by Sam Vilo ( helsinki / finland )

So freaking awesome!! ... Can´t pick up my fav pedals, they r all so good,
I can find Eric Johnson tonez to fuzz mayhem :) s.vilo

pointopoint handwired , QUALITY ,
9 VDC only - every one is a U N I C U M
- dated and handsigned -

video by brett kingman ( australia )

"Treble Booster , Full Booster, Overdrive ...
The Vitamin C can do it all. It has one tough
toggle to take you from treble to full-range boost
and plenty of special sauce in Tone control.

It`s a rock box, make no mistake,
but it can be nice too -just turn down your guitar.

Like all of Gugu`s pedals, it is a piece of art
and yours will be unique."

name stamped in / Vintage Chrome