Super B I R D B O X
high density distortion
( with intermodulated oscillation )

controls : Flux , Tone , Volume ,
Dens , Bottom , Gate , Trill , Sing

rare Germanium Tranny inside , QUALITY , 9 VDC
,true mechanical bypass
each and every one is a U N I C U M - dated and handsigned

video by Nick Jaffe - minnesota / usa

"A fantastically versatile and powerful distortion device
that can do everything from fat, singing sustain to
ripping , gated fuzz and everything in between.
Hit the "trill" switch for intense intermodulation effects
that can be birdsong-like or ripping velcro-like."  nick jaffe

vintage chrome finish

raw silver finish


The Super Bird Box was used for Distortion
on "Unadorned" - written for solo guitar (2017);
performed and recorded by Elliot Simpson.
Graham Flett, © 2017 SOCAN.

" It really is wonderful -
a beautiful tone and fantastically calibrated
and well thought out options. It's a lot of fun.
It's a very special tool ."

elliot simpson

changing colour laquer
( pink to crimson - with silver sparkles )

skyblue to ivony , pink to crimson ,
green to lemon and orange to indian yellow
depending on the angle you look from