swing (lat.)

Ge32 Crunch / Fuzz / Tonegenerator - lead/load, swing/sing
low to high gain for postrock, fusion and experimental music.

Free-wired ( like a vintage tubeamp ) PTP / box-mounted parts ,
ultra rare , selected and calibrated NOS Germanium Transistors
0,8 solid-core wire , silver solder , 9 - 18 V Dc , 100mA c.ground

" Gugu Flux * Oscillum - Torn Deluxe *.
wow, and then wowowow, again!" David Torn

"oscillum is much more than it seems! beyond wacky: quite gorgeous!
most satisfying amp-driver, even in its most simple status!"
David Torn


OSCILLUM lucidum downsized Oscillum
w/expression pedal control of the oscircuit and fixed presets