( hand & foot organs )

suitable for OSC / CUST fluxmachines
w/ optional remote-in jack

Tiny Tuner :
Osc threshold knob & Osc on/off toggle

PoleSwitch : 4 pitches / PitchParrot : 5 pitches

OddScaleOrgan : 7 pitches plus 7 Leds / 9V Dc

Pitch Parrot Deluxe

Pitch Parrot Deluxe (odd-foot-organ)

°six (6) momentary-pitched-osc-switches
°permanent-osc-switch and osc-threshold-knob
°trs-jack exp.-pedal out and trs-jack oscillum in
°can be used with or without an expression pedal
°standalone hand and foot osc-remote control
°perfectly working w/an Oscillum Express