L O V E L Y . L I O N
royal roar

video by brett kingman (australia)

" Here is yet another art-meets-sonic-art from the house of Gugu Flux.
The Lovely Lion is powered by an "NOS Germanium Tranny .."
that does indeed kick some royal sounding arse.

You get two modes of rock-tone goodness thanks to the
Royal Switch (toggle) which ups the gain density considerably.

And how many distortion pedals do you know of that feature faux fur ?
Not many, I`ll bet. This pedal looks unique (every pedal from the Gugu
workshop is unique as they are all handmade, painted and stamped)
and sounds killer. Royal Roar indeed. "

controls : TONE ,VOLUME , Royal-switch (density)
rare NOS Germanium Tranny inside , 9 VDC only.

marbled neon-orange with faux fur