The Fusion Fox
voxy fusion player


recorded in the room @ relatively low volume , played
through a clean vintage fender princeton / 12" blue bulldog
( vintage memory man - 2x panasonic 3005 - in the loop )
with a gibson 339 semi ac. ( handwound pickups )

controls :
volume , tone , saturation
cut / presence switch

Fusion Fox - upperMids/Trebleboost - low to highgain -
Nos Germanium Transistor and Nos Germanium point contact Diodes .
" ... kind of super sweet , cutting through , crunched Class A combo in a box ."

excellent for dynamic sololines and highpass rhythm crunch . the emphasis
on those upper wha wha frequencies lets the guitar fly above all mud .
it does not sound narrow harsh cocked - it stays open and dynamic fullrange -
with strong emphasis on upper mids and treble content that thins out audible bass .
Fusion Fox needs suprising low volume to achieve presence in the mix but has plenty
on top to boost a tubeamp . it can be used with a clean , crunching or gainy amp and
can drive other overdrive and or distortion pedals very well . it s extraordinary
responsive to guitarvolume impedance and finger dynamics .

versatile little box - 9V Dc - pink led -
selected NOS Germanium - handmade -