Cosmic Cathode Radio

Crystal Radio and Transistron
plus additional control in ONE BIG BOX
handstamped & polished to chrome ,
Six Foot Switches , Five Knobs , 9V Dc only
center ground - no battery - 200 mA min.


played with a gibson es 339 / amber paf bridge pu.
through a vintage fender (ehx memory man in the loop)
recorded through the i phone microphones .

Lead / Gate & Air - switch makes it a
versatile , high-gain , Germanium powered Lead -
player for post rock , fusion and experimental music.

easy and intuitive control for each effect side :
tone ( small knob ) , volume ( big knob ) can be foot-operated )

the fluxx knob from crystal radios satellite is housed in the box
and can be accessed and turned by foot , too

the alienation switch from CR plus a second momentary footswitch
( bringing in the " intermodulation thing " from Super Birdbox )

crystal radio on/off - corresponding Gate footswitch

transistron on/off - corresponding Air footswitch

" Right off this is one of the coolest looking pedals I’ve ever seen
( like some neolithic alien artifact; it is a retro-futuristic
looking beauty with a corresponding vibe ).
I’ve only just started coaxing some musical language out
of the pedal and already there are discernible the
Tonebender MkIII / Buzzaround
tone sculpting attributes we’ve discussed…
PLUS there’s something of the ESR “Graphic Fuzz”
( a pedal I hold in high regard ) in the raptor like trills/oscillations
I’ve been able to IMMEDIATELY dial into.
Right now I’m just getting this thing to “talk” and learn it’s language,
but the musical vistas this thing can open up are sure to inspire.
Kudos Gugu on this Destroy ALL Monsters uber pedal. " (vedas)

Free-wired ( like always )
PTP / box-mounted pots and switches .
every part can be serviced . 0,8 solid-core
cannot be compared to PCB designs