C O S M I C . C O M B O
can be fuzzy , tight & transparent , dynamic low to high gain

videos by david curtis ( Everret / USA )

controls : TONE ,VOLUME , Load switch
rare Germanium Tranny inside , pointopoint handwired , QUALITY
center neg. , stabilized toroidal core power supply rccommended.

"I love the fuzzy nature of the Cosmic Combo and especially love
the "Load" compressed thing happening! It sounds really great with
the volume rolled off but swells and feedbacks nicely when cranked. " D. Curtis

... " I'd say this is an impressive machine, I'm sure I'm going to do a lot of recording
with this one, the sound is thick, menacing but creamy at the same time.... "
F. Dandrea (HollyFilm composer) http://francescodandreamusic.com

" The pedal shines with a fender deluxe reverb, since the nature of the speaker with its bass frequencies
compensates perfectly the sizzling sound of the pedal, so the 2 of them work perfectly together!
Also, in this setup I liked playing it with a 12 strings electric, and guitar volume rolled back at half,
it gave me a very 60s fuzzy sound which reminds me of old western movies scores,
especially with the pedal tone set at around 7-ish.

With the Orange I enjoyed the pedal when played with the tele at its mid pickup position.
Here it's possible to use the gain of the amp, and reduce a bit the volume of the pedal,
and have a bit more compressed sound which works well for rocky single notes riffs.

In general, with all amps, when playing chords,
I think the sounds of the pedal take benefits of using a thick
guitar pick with a raw surface, that enhances the sparkle mid-highs of the guitar strings
and make the cosmic sound more open and Voxy.

With the gibson I use often a keeley compressor (or any other similar compressor)
before the cosmic combo, and have all the pedal knobs at max.
The sound in that way is both really loud and aggressive,
but also easy to control with the hands.

With the Marshall JCM800 I loved the vibe placed after the cosmic combo,
which makes the sound monstrous and very Hendrixy. This combination,
or the Cosmic Combo + Wah palced before, are really late 60s-early 70s to my ears,
and work perfectly for a vintagy vibe, especially with the EQ settings
on the amp that have reduced highs, boosted mids and lows at max,
and a fender stratocaster with the bridge position.

Another great use is with the Deluxe reverb amp, a strato in 4th position of pickups,
a very clean amp setting, amp volume around 4, bass at 3, highs at 4,5,
and the cosmic combo at 8 of volume and tone! "
Francesco Dandrea