breathy BRASS player fuzz

" you’ve really created a
modern fuzz masterpiece

with a singular sonic signature ."
It's hard not to get pretty excited about the expanded
tonal palette such pedals inspire!" t.vedas


rare Germanium Tranny and Diodes inside ,
pointopoint handwired , QUALITY , 9 VDC only
every one is a U N I C U M - dated & handsigned

video by Brett Kingman - australia

" Trombone, Sir ? A little Trumpet, perhaps ?
You may care to try Gugu Flux Brass Man ;
a finely tuned fuzz that does a great job of pulling
those unique brassy and breathy sounds.
The style and note choice are up to you, of course,
so you`d best study up on your brass player intervals.
The Brass Man is a lot of fun. Your will be unique looking
as Gugu builds and decorates these all by hand.
Each pedal is unique. It`s an art thing. " e.k.


______________music © g.flux&stg.schnulz.2015______________

" the BrassMan - This thing is so crazy unique
in it’s compression of the signal, addition of harmonic
richness, and utterly idiosyncratic tonal characteristics.

vintage chrome or handpainted , marbled & laquered