Andy Summers '
Wonder Ground

" This is the Gugu Flux
Wonder Ground pedal.

It's a very trippy little device.

Every sound that it makes is at
an oblique angle from "normal" –
distortion, weird harmonics, glitches,
the hoots of an owl at midnight...!

In fact a sonic wonder ground,
one of the best pedals ever.

I have always felt that in my own quest with
the electric guitar I must try to find fresh
and unusual sounds, sounds that tickles the ear
cause heart palpitations...

Compare it to the sensation of taste.
You bite into a cake for example
and as it dissolves in your mouth
(think ear)
some subtle flavor emerges.

What is that?
You wonder with delight,
this is no ordinary cake...

And then you realize you
have just swallowed
a Wonder Ground guitar pedal ...

Slightly metallic maybe?
But wow! Juicy, strange, sexy,
electrifying...! Who knew..?"

Andy Summers ( THE POLICE )