E x p r e s s - GOLD FOOT

Oscillum : the Latin word for SWING ( > oscillation )

hands-free , ultra-versatile Live Machine - Fuzz - Apparatus
from amplike Boost/Crunch/Distortion to musical surrealism

Oscillum Express - Gold Foot - goldfoot to sUn of goldfinger
( photos were made by David Torn / hotelroom switzerland )

some excellent examples of what can be done w/Oscillum Express

responsive, dynamic, effortless to play

softpowered Germanium Fuzz Apparatus

highly interactive Tonegenerator

w/HEXE REVOLVER digital ultra short looper

w/ChaseBlissAudio THERMAE analog delay

warm velcro - softpowered


operating this fluxmachine is intuitive,
easy and improvisation-friendly once
you dig FOUR (4) Footswitches.


- 50 -

( 50/100 and AMP/Fuzz
Foot Switch switched off )

Germanium B O O S T

using your guitar volume !

OR Treblebooster

using the BASE FS
( the silver one in the middle)

Overdrive / C R U N C H
using your guitar volume !

fullrange OR cutting
using the BASE FS and guit.vol.



- 1 0 0 -

( 50/100 FS lightening up )


cutting Lead or fullrange
using the BASE FS


- AMP / F U Z Z -
alias GATE
( AMP/FUZZ FS lightening up )

horn / ring-mod / sag in high gain;
subtle mids and saturation shift
in low gain settings

cutting or fat
using the BASE FS and guit.vol.

density / break-up / trill / compression / sag
controlled by 50/100 FS , GAIN-knob and guitar volume


- O S C -
( OSC FS lightening up )

i n t e r a c t i v e
Oscillation F U Z Z
musical Tonegenerator

the OSC threshold is controlled by an
Expression Pedal
, meaning that :

oscillating tones can be blended in
and altered comfortably and precise by FOOT

additional alteration

w/ the BASE FS for high or low generated tones

w/ the 50/100 FS for tonegenerating oscillation
or breaking, fading, sirring
VELCRO tones
( re-adjust the output volume in velcro mode )

w/ the AMP/FUZZ FS for singing (amp)
or trilling ( fuzz/gate )
oscillation tonez !
( max out gain-knob for trilling tones and find the
sweet spot w/guitar volume and pickup selection
( low output passive pickups work best for trilling)



° 3 selected NOS mil.spec. Germanium Transistors and
NOS Germanium Glass Diodes are generating the most
organic and musical tones , distortion and clipping here.

100% handmade & 100% organic

low capacities between parts - bold signal flow

besides the 5 footswitches you find on top of the machine :
1. a volume knob (adjust and re-adjust it with your left foot)
2. a tone/presence knob (adjust it to your AMP and treble-taste)
3. a gain knob (adjust it to your GUITAR and gain-taste)

The Oscillum Express
w/Expression Pedal

The Pitch Parrot Deluxe

Pitch Parrot Deluxe (odd-foot-organ)

°six (6) momentary-pitched-osc-switches
°permanent-osc-switch and osc-threshold-knob
°trs-jack exp.-pedal out and trs-jack oscillum in
°can be used with or without an expression pedal
°standalone hand and foot osc-remote control
°perfectly working w/an Oscillum Express


i hand-build fluxmachines on custom
order and in very small numbers only.
every apparatus is a one-off = unicum.

I own a lot of great pedals, but this is
next level tonal magic.

fuzz like no other, Meister Gugu _harvey valdes

fluxmachines is the truth. _matte henderson

wow, and then wowowow, again! _david torn


c o n t a c t / o r d e r / i n f o
c o n t a c t / o r d e r / i n f o

your name carved in : pro bono

9 , 12 , 18 Volts DC center ground adds
headroom and different distortion textures


c o n t a c t / o r d e r / i n f o
c o n t a c t / o r d e r / i n f o